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Transplant Authorization

Organ Transplant Authorization

Authorization Committee

As per the Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Act (1994) [Act no. 42 of 1994] and the Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Rules 2014, every authorised transplantation centre is required to display the decision of the Authorisation Committee on hospital notice boards and hospital website regularly.

Transplant Approval Status


Date Certificate No. Donor Recipient Organ Status
04.01.2019 HOT/CA/75/2019-20 42/F 31/M LIVER Approved
11.01.2019 HOT/CA/76/2019-20 46/F 53/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
11.01.2019 HOT/CA/77/2019-20 46/F 26/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
11.01.2019 HOT/CA/78/2019-20 45/F 55/M KIDNEY Approved
12.01.2019 HOT/AC/05/2019-20 24/M 49/F LIVER Approved/Transplant done
31.01.2019 HOT/CA/79/2019-20 45/F 50/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
09.02.2019 HOT/AC/06/2019 26/F 10 mths/M LIVER Approved/Transplanted
09.02.2019 HOT/AC/07/2019 26/F 1 Y 9 M/ F LIVER Approved/Transplanted
18.02.2019 HOT/CA/80/2019-20 48/F 27/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
18.02.2019 HOT/CA/81/2019-20 71/F 43/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
23.02.2019 HOT/AC/08/2019 42/F 10 MTH/M LIVER Approved/Transplanted
04.03.2019 HOT/CA/82/2019-20 44/M 15/F LIVER Approved/ Transplant not done
04.03.2019 HOT/CA/83/2019-20 39/F 13/M LIVER Approved/Transplanted
07.03.2019 HOT/CA/84/2019-20 34/F 17/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
15.03.2019 HOT/AC/09/2019 26/M 44/M LIVER Approved/Transplanted
15.03.2019 HOT/AC/10/2019 45/F 35/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
18.03.2019 HOT/CA/85/2019 51/F 36/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
30.03.2019 HOT/AC/11/2019 39/F 13/F LIVER Approved/Transplanted
11.04.2019 HOT/CA/86/2019 42/F 52/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
11.04.2019 HOT/CA/87/2019 25/F 51/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
11.04.2019 HOT/CA/88/2019 21/M 24/F LIVER Approved/Transplanted
20.04.2019 HOT/AC/12/2019 45/F 54/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
19.04.2019 HOT/AC/13/2019 23/M 64/M LIVER Approved/Transplanted
04.05.2019 HOT/AC/14/2019 29/M 55/F LIVER Approved/Transplanted
04.05.2019 HOT/AC/15/2019 22/M 28/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
20.05.2019 HOT/AC/15/2019 22/M 28/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
20.05.2019 HOT/AC/16/2019 41/M 48/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
30.05.2019 HOT/CA/89/2019 42/F 60/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
08.06.2019 HOT/CA/90/2019 44/F 13/M LIVER Approved/Transplanted
12.06.2019 HOT/CA/91/2019 34/F 44/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
14.06.2019 HOT/CA/92/2019 56/F 38/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
14.06.2019 HOT/CA/93/2019 49/F 22/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
17.06.2019 HOT/AC/17/2019 50/M 48/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
20.06.2019 HOT/CA/94/2019 28/M 25/F LIVER Approved/Transplanted
22.06.2019 HOT/CA/95/2019 62/M 28/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
22.06.2019 HOT/CA/96/2019 48/F 60/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
24.06.2019 HOT/AC/18/2019 27/M 57/M LIVER Approved/Transplanted
15.07.2019 HOT/CA/97/2019 25/F 02/F LIVER Approved/Transplanted
20.07.2019 HOT/AC/19/2019-20 21/M 49/F LIVER Approved/Transplanted
30.07.2019 HOT/CA/98/2019 40/F 48/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
03.08.2019 HOT/AC/20/2019 21/F 53/M LIVER Approved/Transplanted
09.08.2019 HOT/CA/99/2019 36/M 42/M LIVER Approved/Transplanted
16.08.2019 HOT/CA/100/2019 62/M 35/F KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
16.08.2019 HOT/CA/101/2019 52/F 55/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplanted
21.08.2019 HOT/AC/22/2019 36/F 67/M LIVER Approved/Transplanted
07.09.2019 HOT/CA/102/2019 40/F 38/M LIVER Approved
09.09.2019 HOT/CA/103/2019 40/F 14/M LIVER Approved
20.09.2019 HOT/AC/23/2019 20/F 62/M Liver Approved
04.10.2019 HOT/CA/104/2019 60/F 37/M Kidney Approved
18.10.2019 HOT/AC/24/2019 25/F 38/M Liver Approved
18.10.2019 HOT/AC/25/2019 30/F 26/M Liver Approved
19.10.2019 HOT/CA/105/2019 27/F 32/M Kidney Approved
09.11.2019 HOT/AC/26/2019 31/M 39/M Liver Approved


Date Certificate No. Donor Recipient Organ Status
03.01.2018 Deceased Donor 21/M 64/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
02.01.2018 HOT/CA/40/2017-18 29/F 39/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
18.01.2018 Deceased Donor 24/M 35/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
18.01.2018 Deceased Donor 24/M 50/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
18.01.2018 Deceased Donor 24/M 27/M HEART Approved/Transplant done
19.01.2018 Deceased Donor 16/M 26/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
19.01.2018 Deceased Donor 16/M 60/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
21.01.2018 Deceased Donor 3/M 61/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
21.01.2018 Deceased Donor 3/M 1M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
24.01.2018 Deceased Donor 55/M 60/F LIVER Approved/Transplant done
18.01.2018 HOT/CA/42/2017-18 46/F 28/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
18.01.2018 HOT/CA/41/2017-18 55/F 37/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
30.01.2018 HOT/64/2017-18 27/M 53/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
02.02.2018 HOT/CA/43/2018-19 25/M 51/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
02.02.2018 HOT/CA/44/2018-19 47/M 43/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
09.02.2018 HOT/CA/45/2018-19 24/M 59/M LIVER Approved/Transplant Not done
19.02.2018 HOT/CA/46/2018-19 38/F 49/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
23.02.2018 HOT/CA/48/2018-19 47/M 50/F LIVER Approved/Transplant done
23.02.2018 HOT/CA/51/2017-18 32/F 32/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
23.02.2018 HOT/CA/50/2017-18 58/F 64/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
23.02.2018 HOT/CA/47/2017-18 53/F 52/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
08.03.2018 Deceased Donor 6/M 8/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
22.02.2018 HOT/66/2017-18 29/F 53/M LIVER Pending/DDLT done
23.02.2018 HOT/CA/49/2017-18 28/F 31/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
17.03.2018 HOT/CA/53/2018-19 22/F 48/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
28.03.2018 Deceased Donor 48/F 55/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
28.03.2018 Deceased Donor 48/F 53/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
31.03.2018 Deceased Donor 37/F 59/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
31.03.2018 Deceased Donor 37/F 63/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
27.03.2018 HOT/CA/55/2017-18 41/F 47/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
27.03.2018 HT/CA/54/2017-18 63/F 44/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant not done
04.04.2018 HOT/CA/56/2018-19 50/F 31/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
09.04.2018 HOT/CA/52/2018-19 39/F 43/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
10.04.2018 Deceased Donor 40/M 36/F KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
10.04.2018 Deceased Donor 40/M 53/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
16.04.2018 HOT/AC/01/2018-19 21/F 10Months/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
19.04.2018 HOT/CA/57/2018-19 42/F 49/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
16.05.2018 HOT/AC/02/2018-19 33/M 29/F LIVER Approved/Transplant done
29.05.2018 HOT/CA/58/2018-19 62/M 61/F KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
02.06.2018 HOT/CA/60/2018-19 26/M 54/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
29.05.2018 HOT/CA/59/2018-19 59/F 37/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
11.06.2018 HOT/CA/61/2018-19 30/F 42/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
11.06.2018 HOT/CA/62/2018-19 42/F 22/F KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
06.07.2018 HOT/CA/63/2018-19 48/F 51/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
30.07.2018 HOT/CA/65/2018-19 54/F 36/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
30.07.2018 HOT/CA/64/2018-19 57/F 30/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
06.08.2018 HOT/CA/66/2018-19 39/F 40/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
26.08.2018 Deceased Donor 60/M 63/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
20.08.2018 HOT/CA/67/2018-19 27/M 34/F KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
07.09.2018 HOT/CA/68/2018-19 36/F 34/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
13.09.2018 Deceased Donor 15/M 2/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
13.09.2018 Deceased Donor 15/M 36/F LIVER Approved/Transplant done
16.09.2018 Deceased Donor 18/F 40/F LIVER Approved/Transplant done
16.09.2018 Deceased Donor 18/F 26/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
08.10.2018 HOT/CA/69/18-19 40/F 47/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
23.10.2018 HOT/CA/70/18-19 70/M 42/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
16.11.2018 HOT/AC/03/18-19 42/M 09/M LIVER Approved/Transplant not done
18.01.2018 Deceased Donor 24/M 27/M HEART Approved/Transplant done
15.11.2018 HOT/CA/71/18-19 34/F 07/M LIVER Approved/Transplant done
30.11.2018 HOT/CA/72/18-19 25/F 34/M KIDNEY Approved/Transplant done
13.12.2018 HOT/CA/73/18-19 30/F 7/M LIVER Approved
13.12.2018 HOT/CA/74/18-19 53/F 24/M KIDNEY Approved
15.12.2018 HOT/AC/04/18-19 42/F 9/M LIVER Approved

Transplant Done Details


Date Recipient Recipient UHID Donor Donor UHID Relationship to Recipient Organ
03.01.2018 64/M 700068418 21/M ABH0010700171628 Deceased donor Liver
05.01.2018 39/M 700144642 29/F 700144802 Sister Kidney
12.01.2018 29/M 700141182 57/F 700141195 Mother Kidney
18.01.2018 35/M 700112614 24/M ABH0010700173885 Deceased donor Kidney
18.01.2018 50/M 700072074 24/M ABH0010700173885 Deceased donor Liver
18.01.2018 27/M ABH0010700161762 24/M ABH0010700173885 Deceased donor Heart
19.01.2018 26/M 700096934 16/M ABH0010700174021 Deceased donor Kidney
19.01.2018 60/M 700134072 16/M ABH0010700174021 Deceased donor Liver
21.01.2018 61/M 700107308 3/M ABH0010700174164 Deceased donor Kidney
21.01.2018 01/M 700120355 03/M ABH0010700174164 Deceased donor Liver
24.01.2018 60/F 700086362 55/M NA Deceased donor Liver
25.01.2018 04/M ABH0010700163981 30/M ABH0010700164029 Father Liver
27.01.2018 28/M ABH0010700170935 46/F ABH0010700168467 Mother Kidney
27.01.2018 37/M ABH0010700166624 55/F ABH0010700167144 Mother Kidney
02.02.2018 53/M ABH0010700158079 27/M ABH001070017304 Nephew Liver
07.02.2018 51/M 700118926 25/M ABH0010700164319 Son Liver
12.02.2018 43/M ABH0010700168148 47/M ABH0010700169007 Brother Kidney
21.02.2018 49/M ABH0010700173649 38/M ABH0010700174212 Wife Kidney
28.02.2018 50/F ABH0010700174827 47/M ABH0010700174648 Brother Liver
03.03.2018 32/M ABH0010700173258 32/F ABH0010700175933 Wife Kidney
03.03.2018 64/M ABH0010700173093 58/F ABH0010700173187 Wife Kidney
07.03.2018 52/M 700078897 53/F 700145301 Sister Kidney
08.03.2018 8/M 700116146 6/M NA Deceased donor Liver
15.03.2018 31/M 700134298 28/F ABH0010700152178 Wife Kidney
19.03.2018 48/M ABH0010700178794 22/F ABH0010700180092 Daughter Liver
28.03.2018 55/M ABH0010700167149 48/F ABH0010700183449 Deceased donor Kidney
28.03.2018 53/M ABH0010700155700 48/F ABH0010700183449 Deceased donor Liver
31.03.2018 59/M ABH0010700168913 37/F ABH0010700183916 Deceased donor Liver
31.03.2018 63/M 700017102 37/F ABH0010700183916 Deceased donor Kidney
04.04.2018 47/M ABH0010700180318 41/F ABH0010700180342 Wife Kidney
06.04.2018 31/M ABH0010700172947 50/F ABH0010700182646 Mother Kidney
09.04.2018 43/M ABH0010700177207 39/F ABH0010700177457 Sister Liver
10.04.2018 36/F ABH0010700182641 40/M ABH0010700185270 Deceased donor Kidney
10.04.2018 53/M ABH0010700170042 40/M ABH0010700185270 Deceased donor Liver
16.03.2018 10 months/M ABH0010700179592 21/F ABH0010700179596 Mother Liver
25.04.2018 49/M ABH0010700155990 42/F ABH0010700185679 Wife Liver
22.05.2018 59/F ABH0010700187534 33/M ABH0010700187687 Son Liver
06.06.2018 61/F ABH0010700176373 62/M ABH0010700187739 Husband Kidney
11.06.2018 54/M ABH0010700165225 26/M ABH0010700189758 Son Liver
14.06.2018 37/M 700122920 59/F 700134310 Mother Kidney
18.06.2018 42/M ABH0010700190407 30/F ABH0010700192002 Wife Liver
20.06.2018 22/F ABH0010700171957 42/F ABH0010700190188 Mother Kidney
09.07.2018 51/M ABH0010700159646 48/F ABH0010700191351 Wife Kidney
09.08.2018 36/M ABH0010700190108 54/F ABH0010700190178 Mother Kidney
17.08.2018 30/M ABH0010700196766 57/M ABH0010700196843 Mother Kidney
22.08.2018 40/M ABH0010700159039 39/F ABH0010700169409 Wife Kidney
26.08.2018 63/M ABH0010700174406 60/M ABH0010700187433 Deceased donor Liver
29.08.2018 34/F ABH0010700155115 27/M ABH0010700164427 Brother Kidney
10.09.2018 34/M ABH0010700202359 36/F ABH0010700202786 Wife Liver
13.09.2018 02/M ABH0010700207424 15/M NA Deceased donor Liver
13.09.2018 36/F 700148741 15/M NA Deceased donor Liver
16.09.2018 40/F 700082724 18/F Deceased donor Liver
16.09.2018 26/M 700095131 18/F ABH0010700208210 Deceased donor Kidney
25.10.2018 47/M 700139335 40/F ABH0010700208338 Wife Liver
02.11.2018 42/M ABH0010700204125 70/M ABH0010700204128 Father Kidney
05.12.2018 7/M ABH0010700214429 34/F ABH0010700214503 Mother Liver
14.12.2018 34/M ABH0010700202068 25/F ABH0010700214457 Wife Kidney
19.12.2018 24/M ABH0010700218760 53/F ABH0010700218808 Mother Kidney
20.12.2018 9/M ABH0010700212105 42/F ABH0010700212507 Mother Liver
21.12.2018 7/M ABH0010700216255 30/F ABH0010700216331 Mother Liver