Mrs and Mr Jitesh | Neonatology care in Bangalore - Aster CMI

Mrs and Mr Jitesh share their experience on twin baby and how their babies recovered under the observation of the best gynaecologist in Bangalore. Hi, my name is Mr Jitesh. On the 29th week of my wife's pregnancy, we admitted her to emergency C-section as per our gynaecologist suggestion. Since it was pre-time delivery, our gynaecologist suggested Aster CMI Hospital. Our doctor has called the hospital for facilities needed. Before we reached the hospital, the ambulance was ready and my wife was taken in. The time we reached here I was surprised that every doctor needed for the operation were available including gynaecologists, NICU specialists, Dr Sudish and Dr Sreekant were available to take care. The moment I spoke with them I was a little relaxed. After my babies birth, they were very low in weight. One baby was 800 gram and another one was 1200 gram. Our babies were unable to breathe and put on a ventilator immediately. Doctors advised us it is normal, the baby will recover soon. Soon, our babies recovered in 1 to 2 weeks. Now, I see my babies can breathe without any ventilator support and they have gained weight as well - 1024 gram and another one is 1320 gram. Initially, I (Mrs Jitesh) was so much worried and after seeing the care offered by the NICU team I am happy and sure that my babies are in safe hands. I want to thank Dr Sudhir, Dr Sreekanth and Dr Parimala for taking good care of my babies and as well as nursing staff. Thanks, Aster Team for all your support says Mr and Mrs Jitesh.