Psychiatric Doctors in Bangalore

Dr. Girishchandra


Sr. Consultant - Psychiatry


Dr Girishchandra completed Psychiatry training at NIMHANS and worked briefly as a Senior Resident, before moving abroad. He did additional training as a Registrar in Psychiatry in Western Australia. He got his First Consultant Job while working in Australia in New South Wales. He worked at Central Coast Area Mental health Service for 2 years. In April 2004, he got his Completion of Specialist Training with GMC, UK, and then moved to England as a Consultant Psychiatrist. He worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist in NHS till the end of 2014. Apart from experience as a Consultant, he has held various administrative responsibilities like Clinical Lead, Clinical Director etc. He has lot of experience in teaching and training Doctors and Health care staff, and has been closely involved in planning, implementing and delivering different services.