Robotic Kidney Transplant

ASTER MARS ( MINIMAL ACCESS ROBOTIC SURGERY ) - The largest robotic kidney transplant programme in south india .

The prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease is increasing all over the world, due to increased Incidence of diabetes, hypertension, food adulteration's and some inherent kidney conditions. The patient with Chronic Kidney Disease may progress to end stage renal disease where he/she may require treatments like Haemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis or Kidney Transplant. Out of all the most effective treatment is kidney transplantation as not only it is economically viable in comparison to the expenditure one incurring during a dialysis which is quite high, but also it helps the patient to lead a normal life, resume their daily lifestyle much faster and lead to economically productive life. Kidney transplant is one of the most commonly performed solid organ transplants and the first successful procedure was done in 1952. Usually transplants were open surgeries, which resulted in more pain, deep scars and a longer recovery period impacting mobility and work of both the donor and the recipient. Kidney transplant surgeries have vastly improved over the last 5 years with the introduction of robotic technology, better immunosuppressive medication, better care and awareness of potential complications like infections etc.

Benefits Of Robotic Surgery

Robotic kidney transplant surgeries offer lesser risk of infection, lesser pain, and faster return to normalcy. The patient is discharged from hospital in 4-5 days as compared to 10 days post open surgery. The recovery period is also cut short from 2-3 months to just two weeks. Unlike regular kidney transplantation where the patient receives the kidney through a larger muscle cutting process with a 15cms incision, robotic surgery has just a 5cms incision. The patient friendly procedure has close to zero cosmetic impact and is absolutely safe. Robotic Technology offers high level of precision, to ensure tremor free movement of the instrument thereby causing no damage to the graft kidney. This ensures minimal chances of infection and faster recovery of the patient and donor. Robotic kidney transplant is preferred especially by younger patients and those who are obese due to its several benefits. It can be performed on adults over the age of 18 years.

ASTER – IS A PIONEER IN ROBOTIC KIDNEY TRANSPLANTS. Very few centres in India perform robotic kidney transplants and Aster CMI Hospital is highly sought after for the same. The comprehensive program boasts of top of the line medical expertise, world class infrastructure and advanced equipment to ensure the best possible outcome for patients. Aster MARS is South India’s Largest Robotic Kidney Transplant Program which has undertaken even the most complicated surgeries using the Da Vinci Robot, with superlative results.