Spine Surgery Hospital in Hebbal, Bangalore

Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery

At Aster CMI Hospital, our doctors specialize in state-of-art Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery treatments. Our goal with MISS is simple. To accomplish better clinical outcomes than a traditional “OPEN” Surgery, using a less traumatic approach.


Best Neurosurgeon in Hebbal, Bangalore

Dr. Akshay Hari

Consultant – Neuro Surgery and Spine Surgery

Dr Umesh Srikantha,Neuro surgeons in Bangalore

Dr. Umesh Srikantha

Consultant - Neurosurgery, Head of Spine Services



Dr. Umesh Srikantha l Lower Back Pain | Spine Surgeon in Bangalore - Aster CMI Hospital

Dr. Umesh Srikantha Consultant - Neurosurgery Head of Spine Services discusses details on lower back pain.

Spinal Deformity - Aster CMI Hospital

Dr Umesh Srikanth a - Consultant Spine surgery & Head of spine services & Dr Akshay Hari- Consultant Neurosurgery & Spine surgery is talking about Spinal Deformity - What one needs to know on occasion of #InternationalScoliosisAwarenessDay