Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

In an emergency every second is crucial. The Department of Emergency Medicine at Aster CMI hospital combines technology and unmatched medical expertise to provide advanced emergency care supported by an efficient emergency team, always on the alert, 24/7 and also the first NABH accredited Emergency Department in the state of Karnataka and the 5th in the country.

Emergency Department [ED] sees all acute admissions to the hospital and is manned by dedicated and highly trained emergency physicians, nurses and paramedics/EMTs. Whether you are experiencing a minor emergency or life-threatening situation, we provide the emergency care you need. The Emergency Department at Aster CMI is committed to giving you the highest quality of care when your health care necessitates immediate attention.

It is a full-fledged facility with multiple emergency care units comprising Triage, Decontamination room, Resuscitation area, Clinical Decision Unit, Counselling area and state-of-the-art clinical support backed by the expertise from the centres of excellence in Neuro, Critical Care, Surgery including Vascular & Plastic, Ortho, Cardiac, Internal Medicine & Pulmonology, Gastro, Urology & Nephrology, OBG, Pediatric, Ophthalmology, ENT, Dental, Dermatology, Oncology and Psychiatry services.

The department is designed to create a comfortable and calming ambience and has a separate entrance for walk-in and Ambulance patients. The beds in the treatment area are well separated and curtained to protect the privacy of patients and their families.


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Dr. Shailesh Shetty S

Consultant - Emergency Medicine



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