Aster CMI in North Bengaluru joins two other hospitals in the Aster group to offer cutting edge procedures using da Vinci Surgical Robots

A performance driven healthcare enterprise, Aster DM Healthcare's foundations have been built on three decades of compassionate care as well as deployment of advanced medical technology. Our commitment to provide highest quality medical care to people by investing in cutting edge diagnostic and therapeutic technology, making it one of the few facilities of its kind.

The belief in cutting edge technology has led Aster to introduce robots in the highly sterilised surgical theatres of its hospitals in South India. Three hospitals in the group Aster Medcity, Kochi; Aster MIMS, Calicut and Aster CMI in Bengaluru offer robotic procedures, providing succour to thousands of patients needing surgical intervention.

The Centre for Minimal Access Robotic Surgery (MARS) is founded to offer to patients at Aster CMI. More Precision Lesser Incision and Faster Recovery.


At the core of a Robotic Surgery is an experienced surgeon who is well trained to deploy the power of three dimensional (3-D) vision as well as optimal precision offered by a surgical robot. While the robots do not perform any surgeries they offer greater precision than handheld tools, particularly in hard-to-access parts of the body, to the surgeon.

A surgical robot is equipped with four arms and one of them carries a miniature camera whose 3-D output is displayed on a large television screen in the operation theatre. The other arms of the robot that slip into the body, through small holes, are equipped with versatile surgical instruments designed to provide movement that is far superior to a human hand.


Conventional method of surgeries involves some amount of risk, blood loss and also leaves the patient with a big scar. Robotic Surgery offers a quantum improvement from the days of open surgery as it helps reduce blood loss, results in shorter hospital stays which minimise chances of hospital acquired infection and lower pain. Shorter hospital stay, fewer complications and quicker recovery leads to shorter absence from work compared to patients undergoing conventional surgery.


The Laproscopy surgery is done in (2D) environment with no depth perception. Using these instruments is also more complex as they are performed in a counter-intuitive manner leading to significant stress for the surgeon.

Surgical Robots combine the best of science, engineering and medicine. With 4 arms, it can reach organs and areas where human fingers can't. The 3-dimensional, HD view that can be magnified multi-fold, helps the surgeons achieve precision that prevents collateral damage to healthy tissue.

As Robotic arms enter the body via tiny incisions, healing is quicker for the patient, scarring is minimal and there is little to no pain--even savings on pain management are significant.

The robotic surgical system allows the surgeon to sit comfortably.

The Robots cannot be programmed and it cannot make a decision on its own, every surgical maneuver will be performed with the direct input of the surgeon. The surgeon views a highly magnified, three dimensional HD image of the patient's interior structure that can be magnified multi-fold. This helps the surgeons achieve precision that prevents collateral damage to healthy tissue.


At Aster CMI Hospital, the benefits of Robotic Surgery are available for a host of ailments and complex cases in a range of specialities.

Robotic Surgery in the fields of oncology (cancer treatment), Urology, which focuses on the urinary tract system and male reproductive system, Gynaecology, Gastrointestinal Surgery, Cardiothoracic (heart and lung related) & Bariatric (weight loss).



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