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Aster CMI Hospital’s dedicated Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Neurosciences is one of the best neurology and neurosurgery hospitals in Bangalore, where we offer state-of-the-art treatment facilities to a cross-spectrum of patients – right from infants to senior citizens. The Department of Neurosciences has a multi-disciplinary team consisting of some of the best neurologists and neurosurgeons, who combine expertise with the latest technological developments to offer the best clinical services in neurology & neuro surgery.

The department is further sub-specialized with special emphasis on all modalities such as Functional Neurosurgery, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Endovascular Neurosurgery, Paediatric Neurosurgery, Neuro-oncology, Neuro-oncology, comprehensive stroke management, Epilepsy and Movement Disorders. Being one of the best Neuro- Specialist Hospital in Bangalore according to the Times of India Critical Care Survey, Aster CMI serves the right blend of latest innovations and techniques, such as Intra-operative navigation, Neuro physiological monitoring with Electrophysiology and Ultrasound- to serve patients with the best treatment for brain-related issues with optimal results. Aster CMI Hospital is one of the top neuro hospitals in Bangalore that brought one of the first facilities in Bangalore to offer 3-Tesla MRI scan and Hybrid Cath lab. Primary among the unique services at Aster CMI is that of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) which is currently available only with a handful of hospitals across the country.

Our Neurosurgeons specialize in Awake Surgery for various brain conditions to ensure minimal damage to vital centers of the brain. The Glowing Brain Tumor Surgery helps to delineate brain tumours from that of normal healthy brain tissue hence ensuring a more precise and total excision of the tumour. We are one of the few centers in India with such facility and expertise. Spine surgeries performed at the Neurosciences Department of the Aster CMI include microsurgery and minimal-access surgery for spine fractures, spinal tumours, cervical and lumbar disc replacement surgery.MIS decompression for spinal stenosis, scoliosis and deformity correction and craniovertebral junction surgery for congenital and acquired abnormalities. The Neurosciences Department at Aster CMI consists of an outpatient and inpatient wing, along with a daycare unit and dedicated neuro ICUs, clubbed with the best diagnostic functionalities and advanced intraoperative fluorescence imaging. We offer services with a modern approach involving imaging equipment and techniques that are required for traditional as well as minimally invasive surgery. In addition, Aster CMI’s neurosciences department has a team on call 24/7, to handle all kinds of neurological emergencies and trauma.



Parkinson's specialist in Bangalore

Dr. Ravi Gopal Varma

Lead Consultant - Neurosurgery & Chief of Neurosciences

Dr Umesh Srikantha,Neuro surgeons in Bangalore

Dr. Umesh Srikantha

Consultant - Neurosurgery, Head of Spine Services

Dr Santhosh N U - best neurosurgeon in Bangalore

Dr. Santhosh N U

Consultant - Neurosurgery & Endovascular Neurosurgery

Dr. Nirmala G - Aster CMI Hospital

Dr. Nirmala S

Consultant - Neurosurgery

Best Neurosurgeon in Hebbal, Bangalore

Dr. Akshay Hari

Consultant – Neuro Surgery and Spine Surgery


Dr Lokesh B - Best Neurosurgeon in Bangalore

Dr. Lokesh B

Consultant - Neurology

Dr Anuradha H K,Best Neurology Doctors in Bangalore

Dr. Anuradha H K

Consultant - Neurology

Best Neurology Specialist in Bangalore

Dr. Mirza Masoom Abbas

Consultant - Neurology

Neurology hospital in Bangalore

Dr. Guruprasad S Pujar

Consultant - Neurology

Paediatric Neurology Hospital in India - Aster CMI

Dr. Ravi Kumar C P

Consultant - Paediatric Neurology


Dr Raghavendra Pai K, Neuroanesthesiology Specialist in Bangalore

Dr. Raghavendra Pai K

Lead Consultant - Neuroanaesthesia


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Dr. Ravi Gopal Verma l Headaches & Brain Tumours| Best Neurosurgeon in Bangalore -Aster CMI Hospital

Dr. Ravi Gopal Verma (Chief of Neurosciences) discusses headaches and brain tumours. Not all headaches signal a tumour but not all headaches should be ignored.

Dr Santhosh | Haemorrhage | Aster CMI Hospital

Bleeding also called haemorrhage is the name used to describe blood loss. It can refer to blood loss inside the body called internal bleeding or to blood loss outside of the body called external bleeding. Dr Santhosh N U Consultant - Neuro Surgery and Endovascular Surgery share a brief on Haemorrhage & Stroke.

Dr Santhosh N U | Stroke | Aster CMI Hospital

Dr. Santhosh N U - Consultant - Neuro Surgery and Endovascular Neuro Surgery briefs about Stroke. A stroke occurs when a blockage or bleed of the blood vessels either interrupts or reduces the supply of blood to the brain. When this happens the brain does not receive enough oxygen or nutrients and brain cells start to die. This is a medical emergency. Although many strokes are treatable some can lead to disability or death.