Aster Integrated Liver Care is an organ-specific specialty program where surgeons, medical specialists and the entire team work in an integrated fashion to help patients with complex liver diseases. The dynamic and ever changing nature of medicine requires a comprehensive approach which requires the combined efforts and expertise of several highly skilled personnel. The Aster integrated Liver care department provides comprehensive care for patients with all the aspects of a liver disease ranging from medical care, interventional radiology procedures, complex liver and pancreas resections, including robotic hepatectomy and the full spectrum of both paediatric and adult transplantation. The Aster Integrated Liver Care at Aster CMI is considered to be one of the best in the country with over 92% success rate. As one of the Best multi specialty hospitals in Bangalore, we believe in yielding optimal results with the help of our dedicated team’s efforts and unmatched knowledge. Standing up with an experience of over 200 liver transplants, Aster CMI has been sustaining donor morbidity at an extremely low rate of 3 percent with zero percent mortality till date. The paediatric liver transplant program is one the largest in South India. The Aster Integrated Liver Care at Aster CMI offers swap liver transplantation under the hospital’s paired organ exchange program. This is a program where a living liver donor having an organ incompatible with the recipient exchanges the liver with another incompatible donor/recipient pair.

The core team includes our skilled hepatologists, liver surgeons, trained coordinators, counsellors, a nursing team along with critical care specialists, anesthetists, interventional radiologists and physiotherapists. The team is trained at some of the best hospitals abroad and they come with a good span of experience in hepato-pancreato biliary and abdominal multi-organ transplant surgeries. At Aster CMI Hospital, the Integrated Liver Care Program takes the multi-disciplinary care concept further and provides multispecialty care, coordinating various specialties at the patient’s bedside. The Aster ILC team is a single point of care for a patient suffering from a liver disease. The department has a contemporary infrastructure with dedicated 6 bed transplant ICU, an 18 bedded Liver ward with deluxe, single and double rooms, MARS Liver dialysis unit and the Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy unit (ERCP, EUS). It also has a large ICU for all non-transplant patients as the department forms the referral unit for all patients with liver ailments across the country.