Manasa Narayan

Hi All,

Before I start talking about Doctor J V Srinivas (ortho surgeon), let me tell my part of the story. For Dussehra holidays, I went to my hometown Mysore to stay with my parents but unfortunately, I got injured near my knee while riding the bike. After taking pain killers the pain did not subside and later I had no option other than visiting the Doctor. I took an appointment with one of the famous surgeons in Mysore and immediately after seeing me he suggested an MRI. After seeing the MRI report he told me that I have a complete ACL tear and surgery is required. 

He explained to me about the surgery and post-surgery recovery period and it was very difficult for me to digest all of it as I am a very active person. Life is so unpredictable sometimes. Because of a few reasons, my inner instinct told me to get the surgery done in Bangalore. So I again searched for the best Doctors near to my place and asked my friends about the best doctors. One of my friends suggested 2 to 3 surgeons, so I took their appointment.

Here comes the Hero Dr J V Srinivas whom I met in person (consultation at Aster RV Hospital) he also told me that the surgery is must, but the positive vibes, his perspective of understanding a patient was excellent. He boosted up my confidence so much. He is a very knowledgeable person, very friendly, not a money-minded person. For any questions on WhatsApp, he is available. Hats off to him and his wonderful team for being there for me when I lost confidence and had a mindset that I am going to be on the bed for next few months according to the surgeon in Mysore.

After the surgery, it's 6 weeks now and I am back on my normal routine. With physiotherapy and Dr JV Srinivas support and guidance, this would have not been possible. He has boosted up my confidence levels and got back my smile. He made this surgery look simple and added colours back into my life. I can get back to my normal active lifestyle, dance, gym fitness. So very thankful to him. He is an asset to the hospital and for the people like me who think ACL is complicated and don't have confidence. Hats off and loads of respect to the Doctor.

I know this message looks too lengthy, but it was necessary to write about the ACL surgery and the real Hero Dr JV Srinivas.

Lots of Gratitude and Love,

Manasa Narayan

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