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Advanced Centre for Surgery and Allied Specialities

Gastroenterology department at Aster RV Hospital JP Nagar, Bangalore is offering a world-class, dedicated facility for comprehensive management of diseases and disorders of the digestive system. The Gastroenterology team includes renowned and experienced surgical gastroenterologists, general, robotic and laparoscopic surgeons, medical gastroenterologists, bariatric surgeons, interventional endoscopists and stomach-care therapists with highly qualified support teams trained in basic and advanced endoscopy, nutrition and GI oncology. We also have a dedicated specialist in GI oncology, dealing with cancer of the GI tract.


Surgical Gastroenterology:

One of the most advanced facilities in the region for surgical management of gastrointestinal disorders/diseases, the Aster RV's Centre of Excellence in Gastroenterology has an exceptional team of highly experienced surgical gastroenterologists with international expertise. The centre offers state-of-the-art facilities and clinical support including South Asia’s first OR1 Karlstroz fusion integrated surgical suites, a highly advanced endoscopy suite, ERCPs, GI motility studies and endosonography, high-definition laparoscopy, harmonic scalpel, ligature, CUSA excel, image intensifiers and intraoperative ultrasound for high-precision procedures.


Bariatric surgery:

The experts at Aster RV Hospital perform various successful weight loss surgeries like a keyhole or laparoscopic bariatric surgeries. Our surgeons have expertise in performing various bariatric surgical procedures such as Gastric banding, SILS sleeve gastrectomy, and Gastric bypass (RYGB and MGB), Endoscopic intragastric balloon placement, and Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch depending on the patient’s need and assessment. Long-term follow-up with continued access to the bariatric team for advice and support is extended to all patients.

Aster RV Hospital in JP Nagar, Bangalore has a team of surgical gastroenterologists with experience at the national and international level. The department is backed by state-of-the-art facility inclusive of South Asia’s first OR1 Karl Storz fusion integrated surgical suites, which is further complemented by high-definition laparoscopy unit, CUSA excel, harmonic scalpel, image intensifiers, highly advanced endoscopy suite, intraoperative ultrasound allowing for advanced and complex laparoscopic procedures using cutting-edge technology.

For example:

  • Minimal access oesophageal surgeries-oesophagectomy for benign and cancerous conditions
  • GE Junction surgeries- fundoplication and cardiomotomy
  • Gastric cancer surgery, biliary tract surgery, pancreatic surgeries
  • Surgery for colorectal diseases-benign and malignant diseases
  • Solid organ surgery- splenectomy, hepatic resections
  • SILS (Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery)- cholecystectomy, appendectomy, hernia surgery
  • TAMIS (Transanal Minimal Invasive Surgery)
Our experts perform various weight loss surgery – keyhole / laparoscopic surgery with results comparable to international standards. A multimodal approach to obesity includes a team of an experienced endocrinologist, physician, psychiatrist and dietician in addition to an excellent team of anaesthetists. This multimodal approach to the treatment of obesity has led to excellent longterm results ensuring improvement in diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol level, hypertension in addition to significant weight loss. Strict adherence to evidence based preoperative and postoperative protocols has enabled for a safe and effective bariatric programme with excellent long term outcome. We at Aster RV perform sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass - MGB, RYGB. endoscopic intragastric balloon placement.
The department has a DaVinci Surgical Robot which complements the state-of-the-art laparoscopic unit. The surgical robot enables complex surgeries to be performed with the smallest of cuts, maximum precision and safety.
The department is one of the very few to be doing endoscopic thyroidectomy (scarless neck thyroid surgery) allowing an excellent cosmetic result. In addition, surgeries for parathyroid and adrenal tumours are performed routinely.
The centre for hernia surgery at Aster RV Hospital specializes in the surgery of complex large and recurrent hernias by the open and laparoscopic method. This is in addition to the performing routine laparoscopic repairs for standard hernias. Ex: ETEP, E-TAR, SCOLA, component separation.
Emergency laparotomy for perforation of the intestinal tract, obstruction/strangulation of bowel oesophageal perforation surgery and chest trauma.
Thoracic sympathectomy, decortication, lobectomy and oesophagus surgery.
Excision of lipoma, sebaceous cyst, lymph node biopsy, small tumours excision, hydrocele surgery, circumcision, varicocele, foot ulcers etc.


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