Peripheral Nerve Pathologies

Peripheral Nerve Pathologies

Peripheral nerve pathologies are relatively rare conditions and include injuries, entrapments and tumours. Peripheral nerve injuries cause significant morbidity. It usually affects the younger population who are more active and many times the sole breadwinners of the family. At Aster RV the neurosurgery team treats all types of nerve lesions with standard care guidelines. The lesions treated includes but not exclusive are:-

  • Birth injuries to brachial plexus

  • Post-traumatic brachial plexus injury

  • Post-traumatic nerve injury

  • Nerve damage during surgery

  • Post injection nerve palsy

  • Nerve tumours

  • Entrapment neuropathies: carpal tunnel syndrome, tardy ulnar nerve palsy etc.

Surgical procedures performed (neurophysiological monitoring is used to enhance the safety and success of surgery):

  • Brachial plexus exploration and repair surgeries

  • Neurolysis (release of nerve adhesions),/p>

  • Nerve repair (end to end repair of the nerve)

  • Nerve graft (restoring the continuity of nerve by harvesting a nerve from elsewhere)

  • Neurotization (anastomosis between two different nerves)

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