Niranjan N Y

I had been to Aster between Jan 15th to 25th, 2020, to get a surgery done for my Father for "Intestinal Obstruction" by Dr Aashish Shah and his team. My review in detail is as follows. 
1) Doctors - Dr.Aashish Shah one of the best Surgical Gastroenterologists I have known for the past 15-20 years who has immense experience and expertise in Surgical Gastroenterology. A very experienced, caring, compassionate, honest and professional doctor with a wonderful team of his (Dr.Prashanth, Dr.Nawab Jan, Dr.Rajiv Anandh, Dr.Roopesh, Dr.Ravishankar and Dr.Karthik). They handle the patient with the utmost care and concern. 
2) Nurses - The nurses who were assigned to our ward on the 3rd floor (311 & 310) were kind, professional, caring and though under high pressure of attending patients and updating their records, do a wonderful job. 
3) Housekeeping - They keep the wards very much neat n clean, help in giving bath to the patient, always available if any help needed. 
4) Security - Well people who complain about security being arrogant in hospitals. I feel they are just doing their job. They need to be a bit harsh in a good way when it comes to too many visitors to see the patient. They do a good job, even the security at the entrance who greets you with a smile... (We need to avoid too many visitors at hospital to help the patient recover without infections) 5) Infrastructure and Facilities - Top-class infrastructure, clean, well planned, good parking space, Air-conditioned, etc., Though a bit costly, the quality has been maintained. Overall a good experience (except the inconvenience caused concerning insurance since the hospital has no tie-up with govt insurance companies and American Express card is not accepted which needs to be sorted soon) (Sorry for missing out on mentioning the names of other doctors, nurses and staff.)

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