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Dr. Suman Kishore

Medical Microbiologist



Dr. Suman is a medical microbiologist at Aster RV, Bengaluru. She holds medical council registration of Karnataka Medical Council with a registration number 35830 and Qatar Medical License as a specialist in microbiology with registration number 3256. Dr. Suman completed her MBBS from Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences (1987-1992). Later in 2002, she obtained her MD degree (Microbiology) from Dr B.R. Ambedkar Medical College, Bangalore.

Work experience:

Soon after completing her MBBS, Dr. Suman Kishore started with an internship at Sri Balagangadharanatha Swamy Hospital and Research Centre between 1992-1993. Later, she joined as Junior Resident at Venlakh Hospital, Bangalore (1993-1998).

After completing MD in Microbiology, Dr. Suman underwent training in clinical and diagnostic microbiology under the expert guidance of Dr V. S. Jayaram, Professor and HoD of Medical Microbiology, BRAMC, Bangalore. Later in 2004, she started working as in-charge of Medical Microbiologist at Venlakh Hospital.

Dr Suman has worked for some time at ISIC as a research associate. She was a sub-investigator for a phase III clinical drug trial for the treatment of osteoporosis, sub-investigator for a phase II clinical drug trial for chronic spinal cord injury, and a sub-investigator in a clinical study on adult autologous olfactory mucosal transplant for treatment of chronic traumatic spinal cord injury.

Teaching experience:

Dr. Suman was part of the teaching faculty and gave lectures on general microbiology, genetics, immunology, molecular diagnostic techniques, rapid diagnostic techniques, systemic bacteriology, general & systemic virology, medical mycology, and medical parasitology.

She has also given demonstrations in general bacteriology and immunology including practical classes on microscopy, staining techniques and morphology of bacteria, sterilization, types of antigen-antibody reactions and their applications in diagnostic serology, diagnostic practical exercises in systemic bacteriology, virology, mycology and medical parasitology.

Conference and CMEs:

  1. Seminar on ICH-GCP guidelines for clinical and basic research

  2. Various seminars on recent advances in the field of neuro-regenerative research, surgery and rehabilitation in spinal cord injury

  3. Symposium on stem cell therapy and research at AIIMS, New Delhi

  4. Symposium on stem cell therapy and research (umbilical cord stem cells) organized by Life-cell & SRMC, Chennai.

  5. A training program in special neurological assessment and rehabilitation techniques for spinal cord injury patients

  6. Short – term course and workshop on Human Embryonic stem cell Culture Technique and two-day International Symposium on “Stem cell and Regenerative Medicine held at Reliance Life Sciences, Navi Mumbai.

  7. Presented a faculty lecture on “Cell-based approaches for the treatment of spinal cord injuries” at ISSICON (International Spine and Spinal Injuries Conference) 2006, an International Conference held at Indian Spinal Injuries Centre.

  8. Poster presentation on “Stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury – Hope or Hype?”- An analytical review for patients.

  9. Presented a lecture on “Osteoporosis and its management” at a Symposium organized for senior citizens at Indian Spinal Injuries Centre.

  10. Attended an International Symposium on Olfactory Mucosal Autografts in the treatment of spinal cord injury, organized by Dr Carlos Lima at Centro Giusti (Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Centre), Florence, Italy.

  11. Seminars, conferences and CMEs on topics like: vaccine research, recombinant vaccines, rapid diagnostic techniques like ELISA, molecular diagnostic techniques, biological warfare, Flow cytometry, Immunofluorescence techniques, Polymerase chain reaction, Blotting techniques, tissue culture techniques etc.

  12. Dissertation Work on a project titled “Serological diagnosis of syphilis. A comparative evaluation of VDRL, RPR and MHA-TP in clinically suspected cases” under the guidance of Dr V. S. Jayaram, Professor & HOD and Dr Saroj Golia, Professor, Department of Medical Microbiology, BRAMC, Bangalore.

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