Top Radiologist in JP Nagar, Bangalore

Dr. Ravindra B Kamble

Lead Consultant- Neuro-Intervention & Diagnostic Radiology


Dr. Ravindra B Kamble is a lead consultant in radiology in Aster RV hospital JP Nagar, Bangalore. Prior to joining Aster hospital, he was working as HOD in radiology in Vikram hospital Bangalore.


Dr. Ravindra B Kamble has completed his MBBS in 1997 from VM medical college Solapur and in 2003 MD  radiodiagnosis from the same college. Following which he was selected for DM neuroradiology course in NIMHANS institute in Bangalore and completed in 2006 and secured the gold medal. He is an active member of various societies, like IRIA, NSI, ISVIR, and STNI. He is formally registered with Karnataka Medical Council.

Work Experience and Expertise:

He has an overall 16 years experience in radiology and worked as an assistant and associate professor in various medical college, like VM medical college, Katuri medical college and Sri Ramachandra Medical College teaching students and training them in radiology and Neuroradiology.

He has also worked in many multispecialty and tertiary care hospitals, like BGS Global Hospital and Vikram hospital Bangalore as HOD and intervention Radiologist and trained many radiologists under him. He has got good experience in Gastro, Urology, and chest Imaging and expert in neuroradiology.

He is also well trained and expert in neuro-interventions, like aneurysm coiling, AVM embolization, acute stroke management, carotid stenting and all neurological endovascular procedures. Nonetheless, he has also experience in performing peripheral interventions, like biliary stenting, GI bleeds, haemoptysis, vascular stenting, to name a few.

He has worked in all modalities, such as MRI(3T, 1.5 T and 0.2T), CT(128MDCT and 64 ), Ultrasound, Doppler, Conventional Radiology.

He has 26 publications in various national and international indexed journals and a book chapter in Textbook of contemporary Neurosurgery ( Vincent A Thamburaj) with Vast experience in Neuro intervention, peripheral intervention and Image-guided procedures. He is capable of handling all complicated intervention cases.

He is also invited as faculty to deliver talks in medical conferences, lecturing both undergraduates and radiology postgraduate doctors as well as training and supervising interventional radiology trainees.

Possess a vision to meet the needs of the ever-expanding radiology department and committed to providing high-quality radiology services and needs of the patient. His research interests are pertaining to Neurointerventions, Spinal interventions, Neuroimaging and peripheral interventions.

Diagnostic Radiology:

Aster RV hospital is well equipped with high-end state-of-the-art 3 Tesla MRI, 128 slice MDCT, ultrasonography with 3D and 4D probes, Samsung DR X-ray machine, Dexa scan, and mammography.

3 Tesla MRI is integrated with all the applications, such as perfusion, tractography, spectroscopy, angiography, lymphangiography, functional imaging, MRCP, vessel imaging, cardiac morphology and perfusion, and whole-body imaging. It has high-quality imaging process which helps in an accurate diagnosis.

128 slice MDCT is high-end CT scan machine capable of performing accurate coronary angiography, peripheral angiography along with chest and abdominal imaging.

A newer edition of Dexa scan is useful to diagnose primary and secondary osteoporosis and help in follow up and management of osteoporosis. Induction of hybrid biplane cath lab available in Aster RV makes interventional procedures more safe and effective.

Key Interventional Radiological Guided Procedures:

Aspiration of ascitic fluid, pleural fluid, abscesses (liver and soft tissue)

Insertion of catheters in the kidney, pleural space, abdomen.

Biopsies and FNAC of any location including prostate biopsy.

Varicose vein laser ablation

RF and microwave ablation of liver tumours and osteoid osteoma

Key Peripheral Interventional Procedures Performed in Cath Lab:

Respiratory system - Embolization of haemoptysis (bleeding from lungs), embolization of pulmonary fistula/arteriovenous malformations/aneurysms

Hepatobiliary system- TIPS, biliary stenting, PTBD, TACE (embolization of liver tumour), embolization of the aneurysm

Gastrointestinal system- Embolization for upper and lower GI bleed, reperfusion blocked mesenteric arteries and veins, embolization of splenic artery aneurysm

Gynaecology - Uterine artery embolization for fibroid/adenomyosis, embolization of uterine AVM

Genitourinary system- Embolization of renal tumours, stenting/angioplasty  of renal arteries, blockage of renal bleeding following procedures

Peripheral vascular diseases - Stenting and angioplasty of aorta, and limb vessels. Removing blockage of arteries and veins

Key Interventions in Brain and Spine Performed in Cath lab:

Acute stroke treatment including mechanical thrombectomy/aspiration

Aneurysm coiling including balloon/stent-assisted and flow diverters

AVM embolization

Carotid cavernous fistula embolization

Dural AVM embolization

Carotid stenting/angioplasty

Head and neck tumour embolization

Spinal AVM and dural fistula embolization



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