Aster CMI CEO - Dr. Nitish Shetty

CEO's Message


Dr. Nitish Shetty

Chief Executive Officer – Aster CMI Hospital

Aster CMI, Bangalore, is an initiative of Aster DM Healthcare, a global healthcare conglomerate that has been providing quality service to millions of people across the world, for over 28 years. Creating world-class patient-centric hospitals has always been a constant endeavour of the group. Aster CMI is a prime example of this passion.

The dynamic group shaped an existing massive structure into a state-of-the-art, 500-bed quaternary care hospital of the highest order. Everything is designed keeping the patient in mind – the serene environment, the spacious interiors, the modern conveniences and the advanced facilities. We believe that all these factors help patients feel relaxed and comfortable, leading to quicker healing and recovery, reflecting our core philosophy ‘We’ll treat you well’. Our doctors – highly skilled, humane professionals with proven expertise in their areas of specialisation – are the true custodians of this credo. It is their professionalism and dedication, which help us carry our legacy of excellence forward.