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Need for Optimal Infant & Child Feeding Practices for Better Child Health

14 Sep 2017

It is well recognized that the period from birth to two years of age is a “critical window” for the promotion of optimal growth, health and...

BodySculpting: Keeping Those Curves Alive

11 Sep 2017

Nowadays, Plastic Surgery is not considered a hush-hush anymore. Celebrities have become role models for many in our society today. So what’s...

Is Makeup : Less or More?

11 Sep 2017

The goal of cosmetic dermatology is to restore skin to a natural, more youthful appearance. The human eye and brain are extraordinarily adept at...

Are you a Candidate for Plastic Surgery ?

11 Sep 2017

Before deciding to get Plastic Surgery done , you should realize which category do you fall in. Many people get Plastic Surgery done for many reasons...